Bathroom Cleaning: How to Do It Like a Pro

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - September 29, 2021

Bathrooms are one of the most important places to clean around your home. However, it’s not as easy as just mopping and wiping down surfaces with a cloth. Keeping your bathroom in Napa, CA to be immaculately clean either requires some thorough scrubbing or picking up the phone and calling expert home cleaners, since they know all of the tricks and tips for getting bathrooms spotless

However, if you’re set on doing it on your own, it’s best to become familiar with some simple steps for cleaning your bathroom like a pro!

How do professional cleaners clean bathrooms?

Here are some top tips that will help you make your bathroom shine like never before:

1. Pick a starting point

Start from the top and work your way down, moving from left to right or vice versa. This way, you’ll clean in a systematic manner and know when you’re done with a surface without having to go over it once again, just in case.

2. Don’t forget to dust behind things

Dusting is a frequently-neglected task during bathroom cleaning. However, you should not forget to look for dust both high and low.Cobwebs, which often indicate spiders and other bugs, are usually high up on shelves and corners, while you will also find ample dust around door frames, light switches, etc. Dusting is the first action to take when cleaning your bathroom, as it serves to prepare all the surfaces for more detailed cleaning.  

3. Be wary of moisture

Water and steam are bathroom’s worst enemies, since moisture tends to facilitate both the appearance and the stubbornness of grime and scum in your bathroom. If possible, lower the potential for moisture by keeping showers short and closing the shower door so that water doesn’t have time enough to dry into a residue on surfaces. Always wipe spills immediately away, as they attract dust. 

4. Scrub thoroughly

Although you might typically just use a cloth or sponge when cleaning a bathroom, pros know that this won’t get everything spotless, unless you give the surfaces some additional attention. This is what you should do before scrubbing your bathroom.

Fill up your sink with warm water and add a bit of dishwashing liquid before going over surfaces with an abrasive scrubber (like the one used for dishes). This way you will remove any residue from previous cleaners/soaps as well as old dirt deep within grooves. Once you’re done, scrub the sink to make it shine like new.

5. Finish off by wiping down

By now, you’ve worked really hard to get your bathroom clean, fresh, and shiny. However, there’s still a bit left to do. Don’t forget to wipe away excess moisture after rinsing so it can dry quickly without leaving spots. 

6. Use disinfectants

Last but not least, using disinfectant cleaner at the end ensures your bathroom is germ-free. You want to use a cleaner specifically made for tackling areas people frequently touch, such as countertops.

 Some products contain quaternary ammonium compounds, a chemical whose low toxicity when compared with other chemicals allows it to kill 99.99% of bacteria in just 30 seconds!

Remember: Be thorough and take your time when working around any surfaces that are difficult to reach, such as scrubbing stained bathroom tiles or deep cleaning a shower stall.

Where in Napa, CA can I schedule a meeting with professional home cleaners?

Even if you clean your bathroom to the best of your abilities, you won’t always have the time to give it the attention it requires in order to keep space bacteria-free. With everything else you have to do, staying on top of it all might be nearly impossible.

If you are looking for experienced cleaning services in Napa County, Valencia Pro Cleaning Referral Agency is here to help. We will connect you with professional cleaners who can clean your home to the highest standards while making sure that your family remains safe and healthy at all times. Reach out to us today!