7 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean in Your Home

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - November 30, 2021

Sanitizing the kitchen countertops and wiping down the windows is easy, but what happens when you look under the sofa, on top of the microwave, or behind your wall art collection?

When it comes to regular home maintenance, it’s no surprise that the tiniest tasks turn into major irritants. However, neglecting them over a long period could seriously harm your well-being, and most people aren’t even aware of it. 

But, how to deal with these dirt-packed places that tend to completely slip our minds? To take a shortcut and ensure your place is safe and hygienic, you can always call a reputable Napa, CA  home cleaning company. If you decide to do it by yourself, our expert tips are here to facilitate the process.

What am I forgetting to clean

What am I forgetting to clean?

To make sure your home is spotless and germ-free, we rounded up a list of well-hidden places people typically fail to add to their regular cleaning routine:

1. Tops of doors, cabinets, and picture frames

Trust our word, if you’ve been skipping over these areas for too long, it’s time to get rid of the layer of dust that has accumulated there. Give them a quick wipe down in the future, and you’ll benefit from it. 

2. Behind the wardrobe and under the bed

Moving your wardrobe and other heavy furniture is certainly a massive hassle, but getting rid of dirt buildup behind and underneath it is worth it. And yes. After a thorough vacuuming and dusting, you’ll probably find that favorite shirt you haven’t seen in ages. 

3. Ceiling fans

Using a simple damp cloth and a stable step ladder a few times a year will help you get rid of the insects and dust trapped inside. 

4. Light fixtures

Out of sight, out of mind. Just like your ceiling fans, light fixtures usually don’t get enough love. Use a rod ceiling duster once in a while to clean them meticulously and remove unwanted cobwebs. 

5. Under and behind appliances

Noticing dust and grime on your appliances can be pretty icky, especially if there’s food around. Giving the entire kitchen space a good scrub at least two times a year will alleviate the cleaning stress altogether. 

6. Mattress

If you’ve ever wondered why your allergies get worse at night, your mattress is one of the main reasons. Dust mites simply love them. To avoid this as much as you can, purchase allergen-proof covers. However, to prevent them from having a genuine effect on your health, take time to vacuum the mattress regularly, and steam clean it every few months. Where in Napa, CA can I book a professional home cleaning company

7. Behind the toilet

No matter how clean the toilet bowl is, the place that’s infrared most often is just a few inches behind. Unfortunately, taking improper care of this area means spreading bacteria and germs around your home. 

Using proper antimicrobial products or a homemade vinegar solution will help you gain the upper hand in your cleaning mission. 

Where in Napa, CA can I book a professional home cleaning company?

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