Sanitizing House Surfaces During COVID-19: Tips & Tricks

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - April 15, 2020

Staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic requires all of us to stay at home and do our best to prevent the spread of the virus. While you’re self-isolating, it’s essential that you take the necessary precautions and disinfect the surfaces in your home against COVID-19

In order to prevent coronavirus from spreading in your home, you should know how to properly clean your fabric sofa, remove germs from finished wood, and disinfect all other surfaces in your house. To help you, the leading experts for house cleaning services in Yountville have prepared a set of useful tips for removing viral particles from different surfaces. Read on!  

Can the coronavirus disease spread through the air?

The new coronavirus is transmitted primarily via droplets that are generated during sneezing, coughing, and speaking. As the droplets are heavy, they don’t remain airborne but fall onto the ground and different surfaces. 

You can breathe in the virus if you’re within six feet of an infected person, but the most common way of catching the infection is after touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your nose, mouth, or eyes. The best way to protect yourself is to keep a safe distance from other people and wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. 

How long does the coronavirus last on surfaces?

According to the World Health Organization, the virus that causes COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for several hours to several days. This will vary depending on factors such as the type of surface and its porosity, temperature, and humidity levels. 

While we still have much to learn about the new coronavirus, a recent study has shown that the virus can survive up to 2-3 days on stainless steel and plastic, around 24 hours on cardboard, and up to four hours on copper. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the proper disinfection techniques for different types of surfaces. 

How do you disinfect surfaces for the coronavirus disease?

If you wish to keep yourself and your family safe, you should know how to properly clean and disinfect all surfaces in your home. In order to do so, you will need warm water, soap, clean cloths, and a high-performance disinfectant. Once you have the supplies ready, follow these steps: 

  • Protect yourself: before you start cleaning, make sure to put on a face mask and disposable gloves. Don’t touch your face while you clean and wash your hands thoroughly after you’re done. 
  • Clean the surface: in order to remove germs from the surface, use warm soapy water or a household detergent to wipe down surfaces. Make sure to dry off the cleaned area using a clean cloth or paper towel. 
  • Disinfect the surface: use a disinfectant to kill any remaining germs on the surface. Before you start, read the disinfectant instructions carefully to prevent skin irritation and damaging the surface. 

If you don’t have a suitable disinfectant, you can also use a diluted bleach solution or alcohol solutions with an alcohol content of 70% or more. If you decide to use bleach, make sure that the surface you plan to clean won’t be damaged during cleaning. 

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