Disinfect Your Floors Effectively with These Great Tips

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - May 20, 2020

How do you kill germs on the floor?

All kinds of dirt and germs can end up on the floors of your home, especially if your family members have a tendency to wear shoes indoors. In the current circumstances regarding the COVID-19 situation, maintaining clean and germ-free floors is a must if you wish to prevent the virus from entering your home.

If you are searching for expert tips on floor disinfection, you’ve come to the right place. The finest house cleaners in Angwin are here to share valuable information on keeping the floors in your house germ-free. Keep reading!

How do you kill germs on the floor?

While the floor in your home may not be the surface you touch regularly, it is a particularly high traffic area that can carry a whole host of germs and bacteria. This is especially true if you live with pets or allow shoes indoors, as shoe soles and the paws of your pats may bring in all kinds of dirt and microbes from outside.

In order to remove dangerous germs from your floors, you will first need to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfection. The former is used to remove visible dirt and germs from a surface but does not kill them. The latter, on the other hand, will kill or deactivate 99% of microbes.

The best method to preventing the spread of the virus throughout your home is to first clean the floor using water and detergent and then disinfect the surface with an EPA-approved disinfecting agent. The cleaning step will remove most of the germs from the surface, while disinfection will then deactivate the remaining traces of the virus.

Does mopping kill germs?

Most homeowners use different types of mops to clean their floors on a regular basis. However, if they are not cleaned properly, mops may do more harm than good, as they are likely to move dirt and germs around the floors instead of removing or killing them. Here’s how you can prevent this from happening:

  • Rinse and wash regularly. After each use, make sure to rinse the mop thoroughly. If the mop head is machine-washable, wash it at the hottest temperature in a gentle cycle. If not, use a bleach and water solution to soak the mop for at about 15 minutes.
  • Let it dry entirely after use. Before storing your mop away, make sure that the head is completely dry in order to prevent bacteria growth. Wring the mop head out thoroughly and leave it in the sunlight to dry. Once done, store it in a dry, cool place.
  • Replace the head regularly. Even if you clean your mop regularly and thoroughly, it will still become too dirty for use at one point. We recommend changing the mophead every two or three months or before that if necessary.

How can I disinfect my floors naturally?

If you want to refrain from using harsh chemicals on your floors, you can opt to use vinegar, essential oils, lemon juice and olive oil, or even tea bags. However, these products may not be the best choice for killing viruses. If thorough disinfection is your goal, use regular soap and water, bleach, isopropyl alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide to kill viral particles on your floors.

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How can I disinfect my floors naturally?

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