How to approach the cleaning of small appliances?

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - July 30, 2021

There are several small appliances in every kitchen that make a difference in your daily routine. These useful devices save time and energy, but small appliances also need some care to keep operating well. If your daily chores and work do not allow you to make the kitchen radiant, you can always turn to Napa cleaning services for help.

But why allow dirt to spoil the look of your kitchen when you can easily and efficiently remove dirt from the sink or disinfect your refrigerator quickly and efficiently. However, appliances can be quite strange beasts and they usually require a unique approach to cleaning them. Keep reading and learn how to clean your appliances like a pro.

Can you wash small appliances in the sink?

Although they are called small appliances, due to their size and motorized parts, it is not recommended to wash them in the sink. However, you can easily soak some of their removable parts in soapy water or wash them under running water.

This way you will be able to wash the chopper in the food processors (this could also be a blender) or the wire beater on the mixer. Remember to wipe them well after washing with a dry cloth and allow them to dry a bit before reassembling everything.

How do you clean a small appliance?

Here are a few tricks that will allow you to quickly, easily, and efficiently clean and sanitize all of the most common small appliances in your home.

1. Microwave

The easiest way to clean the microwave is to pour a glass of water into a fireproof bowl and squeeze in half a lemon. Put it in the microwave and turn it on. The steam will soften the stains, which you then pick up with a dry cloth or handkerchief. If the plate in the microwave is too greasy you can take it out, wash it with detergent, wipe it and put it back.

2. Food processor

Rinse the glass of the nozzle or blender thoroughly after use. Fill up to a third with hot water and pour a little detergent before giving it a whirl for about 30 seconds. Then, remove and rinse again under running water. Wash the lid and blades with detergent, wipe and allow to dry well before reassembling.

3. Mixer

Disassemble the beaters from the mixer and wash them with detergent, then rinse under a strong stream of water. If the stains are too stubborn, you can pour water and a little detergent into the bowl and turn on the whiskers in it. Finally, wipe well with a dry cloth and let it air dry.

4. Waffle maker

First of all, make sure that the appliance has cooled down completely, and then dip a clean, soft cloth in the mix of water and detergent. Carefully clean your waffle maker and wipe once more with a dry cloth. Be careful not to use coarse cloths, as they may damage the non-stick surface of your appliance.

5. Coffee maker

The coffee maker uses heat and humidity and therefore must be cleaned regularly because it is an ideal environment for creating bacterial biodiversity. After each use, remove parts that can be washed with detergent and water and leave them to air dry after washing. Empty the water tank and allow it to dry, and set the lid aside.

From time to time, fill the tank with an equal mix of distilled water and vinegar, let it stand for an hour and start the cycle. Then run two more cycles with distilled water and next time you will enjoy the perfect coffee.

6. Toaster

Take a toaster and gently shake it over the sink to make crumbs fall out. You can take a damp cloth and carefully wipe the inside of the toaster avoiding the heaters.

How do you get grease stains out of small appliances?

Before you start cleaning your small appliances, make sure they are unplugged. You can wipe all of them with a cloth dipped in a solution of warm water and detergent. Finally, wipe with a soft dry cloth and let it air dry for at least 15 minutes. For greasy stains and deposits between the buttons, you can use an old soft brush dipped in the mentioned solution.

Where can I find dependable Napa cleaning services?

Although you know the tips on how to clean kitchen appliances well, do you really want to waste your precious free time doing so on a regular, neverending basis? Wouldn’t you rather hire experienced professionals to do it for you while you enjoy the more beautiful things in life? 

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