Vacuuming Tips for a Dust-Free Home

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - February 7, 2020

Vacuuming is hardly anyone’s favorite chore. Despite its unpopularity, regular vacuuming is necessary if you are to have a healthy and allergen-free home. To make the prospect of vacuuming easier, we’ve prepared a set of great vacuuming tips and tricks that will rid your home of dust.

If you feel overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle of modern life, you may want to delegate your cleaning tasks to professional house cleaning services in Calistoga. This way, you will reap all the benefits of regular house cleaning without wasting time and effort.

What’s more, having expert cleaners at your beck and call can take the stress out of even the most challenging cleaning tasks such as cleaning your home for guests or cleaning your house after a fun party.

Read on to learn how to vacuum effectively and efficiently!

How can I make vacuuming easier?

Vacuuming can be a challenging chore, especially if you have a large house or live with pets. If you hate to vacuum and want to make the chore more enjoyable, you’ve come to the right place. Use the following tips to vacuum more efficiently:

  • Make sure your vacuum is clean. Going over your floors and carpets with a dirty vacuum is sure to give you a hard time. Make sure to empty the bag or container regularly for optimal vacuuming results.
  • Adopt a no-shoes policy. A great amount of dirt can end up in your house if you have a habit of not taking your shoes off. If this is something you do, consider changing your ways and saying no to wearing shoes in the house.
  • Get rugs that are vacuum-friendly. Certain types of rugs can be extremely challenging to clean. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new rug, go with a synthetic, low-pile option as they are the easiest to keep dust-free.
  • Get an extension cord. Nobody enjoys having to unplug and replug their vacuum in each room. Using an extension cord is a great way to avoid this issue and be more efficient when vacuuming.
  • Dust first. You should always make sure to clean from the top down. If you dust the higher surfaces first before vacuuming, you’ll pick up any dirt and dust that may have ended up on the floor.
  • Focus on troublesome areas. Some areas of your house get more foot traffic than others and accumulate dirt more quickly. Focus on these areas first when vacuuming to keep dust and dirt at bay.
  • Get a HEPA vacuum. These vacuum cleaners can trap much smaller particles than your regular vacuum can. Consider purchasing one if you keep having trouble maintaining a dust-free home.

Is it OK to vacuum every day?

If you have the time, vacuuming every day can surely bring great results. In fact, experts recommend vacuuming high-traffic areas every day and tackling the entire home twice a week. This is particularly important if you live with animals in the house and need to deal with all the pet hair and dander. However, not all of us can manage to achieve this frequency. That is why booking professional cleaning services can be a lifesaver for most homeowners.

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