The Ins & Outs of Kitchen Countertop Cleaning

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - August 23, 2023

Who in Napa, CA, offers an excellent house cleaning serviceDue to their constant use, kitchen countertops are probably the most frequently wiped surfaces in most cooking areas. You may not enjoy this chore as much as you enjoy taking care of your plants, but kitchen countertop upkeep is crucial for preventing cross-contamination and keeping your cooking space looking its best.

And while by far the easiest way to keep your countertops in Napa, CA, clean and fresh at all times is by outsourcing this task to a professional house cleaning service, it’s still well worth your while as a homeowner to learn how to do this on your own.

In this article, we’ll help you do just that by providing a simple guide on how to keep different types of countertops tidy and hygienic. Keep reading to learn more!

What is the best way to clean kitchen countertops?

The proper kitchen countertop cleaning method depends on the type of material you’re dealing with. Let’s look at 5 of the most popular countertop materials:

1. Natural stone & granite

These materials are porous, so you should never use aggressive substances like bleach. Acidic cleaners such as white vinegar and lemon juice aren’t a great idea either. They can endanger your stone’s integrity and mar the sealant. Avoid rough sponges and brushes as well, as these can damage the surface permanently.

The safest solution is a damp microfiber cloth (wring it very well to avoid excess moisture getting into contact with the stone). But if you’re dealing with sticky residue, combine a few drops of your mild dish soap with warm water. Then dip a microfiber cloth in the combo, squeeze water out, and wipe the surface. Finally, rinse and dry.

Pro tips:

  1. Wipe all the spills immediately to avoid staining.
  2. Ensure to dry the countertop with a clean microfiber cloth to prevent streaking.
  3. Seal your countertop regularly to expand its work life, protect it from stains, and preserve its attractive look.

2. Quartz

These countertops are more resilient than natural stone, and they’re not porous, but still, you need to be cautious about what products you apply. Constant exposure to harsh chemicals will diminish their looks, so avoid bleach and tools that can scratch. Ph-neutral cleaners or mild dish soap are completely harmless options that won’t dull the surface.

3. Laminate

Laminate countertops are pretty easy to install, available in various colors and textures, and can mimic pricey materials. On top of that, they’re low maintenance. They don’t require any special cleaning methods, warm soapy water is enough.

However, they’re prone to chipping, and they aren’t heat-resistant at all. You also need to avoid abrasive tools, as they can leave scratches. Finally, don’t forget to wipe spills immediately to prevent staining.

4. Wood

Again, no caustic chemicals. Use only plain water or mild dish soap. You should also make sure the cloth isn’t over-soaking, and don’t forget to dry thoroughly after cleaning. Wipe the spills once they’re made and treat the surface with food-grade mineral oil to preserve its beautiful appearance.

5. Concrete

All the above rules apply. No coarse cleaners and hard-bristle brushes. Mix warm water and a few drops of gentle dish soap and apply it to the surface without over-soaking it, rinse, and dry. Seal it from time to time to conserve its intact look.

What is the best way to clean kitchen countertopsWho in Napa, CA, offers an excellent house cleaning service?

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