Professional House Cleaning Products: What Do Experts Use?

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - May 30, 2019

If you’ve decided to hire the leading Napa cleaning service, you can rest assured that your house cleaners will use only the best cleaning supplies and techniques to make your house ship-shape. But if you want to learn to clean your home like a pro, you probably want to know which cleaning products expert cleaners use.

Most first-time customers of house cleaning services want to learn what house cleaners do and how they do it. If you are one of them, you’re probably not sure what to expect from professional house cleaners. Read on to find out which products they will use to clean your home to perfection.   

What do you need to clean a bathroom?

Everybody wants their bathroom to always be fresh and clean. Still, many homeowners are not sure what the best way to make their bathroom shine is. Are there any special techniques and products professional cleaners would recommend?

If you want to have a pristine bathroom, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A bucket and a mop
  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • Toilet bowl cleanser
  • Glass cleaning agent
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A long-reach brush/scrubber

Of course, you don’t necessarily need all of these supplies to clean your bathroom, but it’s what most cleaning pros will use to get rid of the dirt and grime as effectively as possible. With the right cleaning methods and a bit of effort, these supplies will ensure a fantastic bathroom cleaning job.  

What are the best bathroom cleaning products?

Choosing the right bathroom cleaning products will not only make cleaning your bathroom easier but will also protect your family’s wellbeing as well as the environment. Most house cleaning experts use environmentally friendly cleaning agents which don’t contain toxic ingredients and are optimally effective in getting rid of harmful bacteria and allergens.

The best bathroom cleaning products are usually those which are concentrated and are effective on a large number of surfaces and materials. You’ll also want to make sure that your cleaning agent won’t damage the surfaces, leave an unpleasant odor or irritate your skin and eyes. For maximum effectiveness, choose products that are foamy and try to avoid using aerosols to help protect the environment.

What is the best cleaner for mold in the shower?

Don’t you just hate cleaning the mold in your showers? What makes black mold so annoying it the speed with which it can form on your white bathroom tiles and the time and effort you need to put in to remove it completely.

Luckily, we know just how you can get rid of the pesky mold once for all! What’s more, you probably have all the ingredients in your home already. But before we disclose our little secret, you should know why mold appears and why you should remove it.

Is black mold dangerous?

Can black mold damage your health? The short answer is: no, black mold can’t actually cause you harm unless it really gets out of control. Even if there is a lot of mold in your bathroom, you should only be worried if you have asthma or other respiratory issues. All in all, the main reason you’ll want to remove mold is that it’s simply ugly!

How do I prevent mold from forming?

Since black mold thrives in humid environments, the best way to stop it from appearing is to make sure your bathroom is as dry as it possibly can be. Good ventilation is key, so make sure to leave your fan working for at least 30 minutes after a shower. If your ventilation is lacking, it’s a good idea to invest in a dehumidifier to get rid of excess moisture.

Which products can remove mold?  

If mold has already spread in your bathroom, you’ll be happy to hear that you don’t need specialized products to remove it. In fact, you probably already have everything you’ll need in your household! Find your bleach, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and pour them in a spray bottle to clean big areas and use a toothbrush to get into small corners and you’re good to go!

Hire the premium house cleaning Napa residents count on

While there’s no doubt you can keep your bathroom clean without professional help, there’s no reason why you should waste every weekend scrubbing the bathroom tiles when you can visit The Culinary Institute of America and have a fun time with your loved ones.

Once you find out about all the reasons why you should hire a maid service, you’ll never want to go back to cleaning your bathroom yourself. Rely on the best Napa cleaning service and let seasoned cleaning experts take your mind off cleaning for once. Contact us today!