House Cleaning Service: Why It’s Worth It

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - April 18, 2019

How many times have you found yourself exasperated because you had to spend your weekends scrubbing floors when all you wanted to do was have fun? If you are reading this, your answer is sure to be ‘’way too many’’. So, why not change this?

It is understandable that you might be hesitant about letting strangers into your home and trusting them to clean your valuable belongings. You can relax because the finest house cleaning services in Napa are always ready to sweep all of your worries away.  

If you are still unsure whether you should hire a cleaning service, keep reading to find out what house cleaning services entail and how they can improve your life.

What do house cleaners do?

If you’ve never hired house cleaning services before, you’re probably wondering what it is exactly that house cleaners do when they enter your home. While no professional cleaner checklist is the same, most of them will take care of some typical tasks included in standard and deep cleaning services.

Which tasks will be included in your cleaning service and what you can expect from house cleaners depends largely on your arrangement with the cleaner and the type of cleaning service you choose.

Standard house cleaning

If you need a certain level of cleanliness to be maintained in your home on a regular basis, a  professional house cleaner will typically include the following tasks in their standard house cleaning services:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Making beds
  • Bathroom and kitchen cleaning
  • Dusting surfaces

Some agencies might offer additional tasks in their regular cleaning services, such as changing bed linens, washing dishes or emptying trash bins, but such chores usually need to be specifically requested from the cleaner.

Deep house cleaning

If, however, you need the cleaners to be more thorough in getting rid of grime and dirt in your home, you’d have to pay more to get deep cleaning services.

Deep cleaning tends to cover areas not usually included in general cleaning, such as:  

  • Cleaning the grime behind kitchen appliances (oven, washing machine etc.)
  • Washing inside the oven, including the door glass
  • Washing the blinds
  • Deep dusting of inaccessible areas
  • Removing scale from kitchen and bathroom tiles, taps etc.

Usually, this kind of cleaning is done once or twice a year, while most agencies also recommend an initial deep clean for new clients and tenants moving in or out of apartments.  

What are the benefits of hiring a cleaning service?

Professional cleaning services can make your life easier in many respects. Not only do they give you more free time, but they also entail a number of benefits for your health and general well-being.

More time for family and work

This one is a no-brainer. Without having to do household chores yourself, you’ll finally be able to forget about the mess and relax with your family on Lake Berryessa. The cleaner will take care of everything while you spend quality time with your loved ones or focus on your career.

Think about your health

If you hire professional house cleaning services, you’ll have fewer reasons to worry about your well-being. Since many professional cleaners use appropriate products, often approved by the ISSA, and tools designed to kill contaminants in your home, you’ll be safe from allergies, dust mites, bacteria and mould affecting the health of you and your family.

Reduce stress

To say that balancing work, family and social life can be overwhelming is an understatement. When, on top of all this, you have to think about household chores, you are bound to get stressed out, which can seriously impact your health. This is why hiring professional cleaners to take care of your chores can work wonders in improving the quality of your life.

Is it customary to tip house cleaners?

Generally, tipping professional cleaners is not required, yet people often like to tip if they’re impressed by the cleaner’s work, if the cleaning requirements are particularly demanding or simply to show appreciation.

In most cases, whether you tip your cleaner is entirely up to you. If you want to reward your cleaners during the holiday season or after an exceptionally difficult task, they are sure to appreciate it.

Should you pay in cash?

While cash is the standard option, you can also express your gratitude by giving your cleaner a gift card or you can come up with a thoughtful present your cleaner would love – a nice bottle of wine or a box of chocolates would surely do the trick.  

Get exceptional home cleaning services in Napa, CA

So, you’ve decided that you would benefit from having professional cleaners take care of your household chores? In that case, you’re probably wondering how to find the best cleaning agency in Napa. You’re in luck, because Valencia Pro prides itself on being exactly that.

Hire our outstanding home cleaning services today and let us take your mind off chores and enable you to live your life exactly the way you want.