How to Make Your New Home Shine Before You Move in

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - July 19, 2019

Starting a new chapter of your life in a clean and uncluttered home sounds wonderful. But are you sure that your new house is truly clean? 

Although many landlords hire professional move out cleaning services after the tenants leave the place, you can’t always be certain that the apartment is as clean as it appears to be. That’s why you should know how to properly clean your new home.  

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Should you clean a house before moving in?

No matter how clean your new home seems to be, you never know how much time and effort the previous tenants put in to make it look presentable. Without all the trinkets and clutter, any place can appear to be squeaky clean until you take a closer look. Here’s what you should check first: 

  • Inspect all light fixtures for dust and spider webs and remove them if necessary
  • Look behind the appliances, especially the fridge and the oven 
  • If the previous tenants had pets, make sure to deep clean and de-flea the carpet 
  • Check all the appliances (vacuum the refrigerator vent, clean the furnace filter, etc.)
  • Inspect the washing machine and the dishwasher and sterilize them

How do I clean my house before moving in?

After you’ve checked all the items from the above-mentioned list, it’s time to do deep clean all the rooms in your new home individually. Take out your non-toxic cleaning supplies and get down to business! 

The bathroom 

The bathroom will probably be the first room you use in your new home so it makes for a good starting point. Before you use it, you may want to replace the shower curtains and the toilet seat. Next, scrub the tub or shower and the sink with appropriate cleaning products to make them shine. Then, scrub and wipe all surfaces, including the mirrors, and finish by vacuuming and mopping the floors.  

The kitchen

When cleaning the kitchen, your main focus should be the fridge unless you intend to bring your own. Soak all shelves and drawers in warm water and detergent and clean the insides carefully. Next, shift your focus to the stove. Disinfect the stovetop and the outside of the oven and then clean the inside with a sponge, making sure to take the tray out and wash it. Once that’s done, clean the sink and disinfect all surfaces.  

All rooms 

Once you’re done with the kitchen and the bathroom, don’t forget to give the rest of the home a good scrub. The bedroom, for example, needs a good bit of attention too, especially the bed. In all rooms, do a bit of dusting, focusing on the furniture, light fixtures, window sills, and blinds. Additionally, you should wipe and disinfect all surfaces, including the light switches, door knobs and handles. As a final step, vacuum and mop the floors in each room.  

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