How Clean Should a Rental Be When I Move in?

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - November 12, 2020

Starting a new chapter in your life by moving house is always exciting, as well as stressful. On top of other responsibilities, you’ll need to think about the cleanliness of your new home. However, few people have the time and the strength to undertake a comprehensive clean of the new residence themselves.

When you need to get your new house sparkling clean in time for the move, hire dependable move-in cleaning services in St Helena. If you’re moving into a rental, read up on who should take care of cleaning a rental apartment to know your rights and prevent misunderstandings. Start fresh in a sparkling clean home!

How clean should an apartment be before moving inDoes a landlord have to clean my apartment before I move in?

If you’re a renter who’s moving into a new home, it’s your right to expect immaculate cleanliness. It’s important to our spaces healthy and safe by following the household checklist, especially during the pandemic.

Generally, the previous tenants are the ones who are responsible for taking care of the cleaning before they move out. They should leave the unit in the same condition they found it in. The landlord should then inspect the apartment to make sure that it has been properly cleaned. If this isn’t the case, the costs of professional cleaning can be covered by the tenants’ deposit.

How clean should an apartment be before moving in?

The apartment should usually be cleaned by the former tenants according to the inspection sheet given to them by the landlord. It commonly requires a comprehensive, deep clean, which includes the areas of the unit that are not cleaned on a daily basis, such as:

  • Carpet cleaning before moving out
  • Cleaning the blinds
  • Washing the windows
  • Cleaning the doors, door frames and baseboards
  • Cleaning the fans
  • Wiping down lamps and light fixtures

Few tenants are able to dedicate their time to such detailed move-out cleaning, so most opt to hire a professional cleaning crew. If the results of the cleaning are not in line with what’s laid out in the inspection sheet, the landlord is able to take money from their deposit to pay for a proper cleaning. If you are moving out of a rented property, this is one of the reasons why you need move-out cleaning.

What to do if the apartment is dirty when you move in?

If you’re unhappy with the condition of the unit, you shouldn’t stay quiet about it. Here are a few things you could do:

  • Inform the landlord: Write down your complaint in order to document it. The landlord should be willing to accommodate your request.
  • Do it yourself: If the mess is manageable and you wish to skip contacting your landlord, you can also perform the cleaning yourself or book expert move-in cleaning.
  • Break the lease: If the place is seriously unhygienic and it’s a health issue which your landlord knows about and hasn’t addressed, you should be able to move out without further liability.

Where can I find reliable move-in cleaning in St Helena?How clean should an apartment be before moving in

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