8 Tips for Cleaning an Old House Before Moving in

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - November 12, 2020

Are you the proud owner of a house with a history? Purchasing an old house has many perks, from a lower purchase price and lower property taxes to quality construction and unique charm. However, old property often comes with a host of issues, too, which the new owner needs to deal with.

One of the most important problems to tackle is the matter of deep cleaning your old house, especially if it has been neglected for a while. You’ll want to get into every nook and cranny to make sure that there is no hidden age-old dirt left behind. To clean your home thoroughly, learn how to clean an old house before you move in or hire a trustworthy move in cleaning service in St Helena.

what are common cleaning problems in an old house

What are common cleaning problems in an old house?

While the landlord has to ensure that the rental is properly cleaned before you move in, if you’ve purchased a home, it’s your responsibility to make it a safe and clean place to live. Old houses have a distinct character but they also carry certain risks. When it comes to cleaning an older property, there are several problem areas to focus on:

  • Old house smell: The musty smell characteristic of old houses develops in humid, stuffy and dark conditions. It is a sign of the possible presence of mold.
  • Mold: Mold is a serious health hazard, which triggers allergies and can even be toxic. It is essential for mold spores to be completely and efficiently eliminated to ensure home safety.
  • Old hardwood floors and wood ceilings: When you’re trying to restore old shine to these areas, you’ll have to be extra careful not to damage them.
  • Carpeting: Old carpets are prone to the accumulation of dirt particles, germs and allergens, so booking professional carpet cleaning before moving may be your best bet.
  • Tile grout: The tiny spaces between bathroom and kitchen tiles are magnets for dirt and a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Windows: Smudges and stains on old windows are a common occurrence so pay special attention to cleaning them properly to get a nice clear view.

How to clean an old house before moving in?

With careful preparation and the right techniques, you’ll get rid of the grime and ensure the health and safety of your family. Here is how to do it:

  • First, you should inspect your new residence and identify problem points.
  • Get the right cleaning products and tools to tackle the issues you’ve found.
  • Clean top-to-bottom to prevent the transfer of dirt to the already cleaned areas.
  • Be organized and systematic: clean one room at a time.
  • To make the moldy odor disappear, air the house out by opening the windows or using a dehumidifier, let sunshine in. To prevent further mold development, check for leaks and inspect your HVAC system.
  • To eliminate mold, apply undiluted white vinegar or a bleach solution onto the area.
  • Grout can be cleaned with a paste made from baking soda and water. You can spritz some vinegar onto it too. Scrub vigorously with a toothbrush.
  • Scrub wood gently with diluted vinegar (mix ¼ cup vinegar with a gallon of water). Add a bit of essential oil for a beautiful scent. Don’t overwet.
  • To clean windows, mix water and alcohol in equal parts and add a bit of soapy ammonia. After you spray your windows with a garden hose, clean them with the solution.

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