How to Get Your Loved Ones to Help You Clean

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - December 2, 2022

How-to-Get-Your-Loved-Ones-to-Help-You-CleanCleaning can be fun, but it can also sap all your energy. This is especially true if you have a large house and nobody wants to help you deal with dirt.

Hiring a Napa, CA, residential home cleaning company is the best solution, but what if you’re looking for some bonding time with your loved ones? Chores are a perfect opportunity, and we’ll show you how to make your family pitch in. Coming up is a detailed guide on how to get your spouse and kids to help you with housework. Read on!

How do you get someone to help with housework?

Unlike ancient times, you now use modern equipment and methods to clean your home, such as removing grease with ice cubes. However, even using various home supplies to get rid of the mess will make little difference if you can’t motivate your loved ones to clean up after themselves.

Here are a few tips to help you change this:

Teach your little ones

Kids rarely do as much physical labor as our grandparents did. Let’s face it – few children plow fields or chop wood these days! But this doesn’t mean you should let them ignore housework duties. Knowing how to clean, sanitize, and disinfect is an essential life skill that teaches them responsibility. More importantly, it lets you handle a mess more easily.

Make your spouse pitch in

The reason your spouse isn’t helping out is that they don’t understand you want or need help. Therefore, make it clear you want them to pitch in. If necessary, include an award to make them more motivated. For instance, you could take them to dinner at your favorite place if they scrub the bathroom or kitchen.

Make a detailed list

Once your family is ready to start cleaning, make a detailed list of the chores you’ll do every day. Here are the most common ones you can outsource to your loved ones:

  • Tidying up the bed
  • Folding and ironing laundry
  • Throwing out the garbage
  • Picking up toys
  • Taking down curtains and putting them in the washer
  • Doing the dishes to eliminate germs

Establish the most important areas

The easiest way to start your cleaning is to tell your family to focus on the most important areas. Determine which areas matter most to you and ask your loved ones what they prioritize. For example, if your spouse can’t work in a dirty office, let them take care of the mess themselves.

Another great way to delegate chores is to allow each family member to do the job they enjoy. This way, housework will be less tedious, and you’ll be able to complete your duties in double-quick time.

Spread the chores out

Don’t tell your family they must do all their cleaning in one afternoon. Instead, be more flexible. Give them 5-6 days to handle the assigned chores, so they can organize themselves efficiently.

Show appreciation

To make sure your family stays on task, show them you appreciate their efforts. Housework is boring and tiring. Be thankful they’re doing their best to help you keep your abode in tip-top shape.

Where can I find a sought-after Napa, CA, residential home cleaning company?How-do-you-get-someone-to-help-with-housework

Cleaning with your family is fun, but there are much better things to do in Napa. For instance, you could walk your pets to Westwood Hills Park and get some well-deserved rest from chores.

While you’re enjoying the fresh air, let Valencia Pro Cleaning assign your housework to trustworthy professionals. They’ll make every corner of your abode shine, so you don’t spend an entire afternoon dusting and mopping. Give us a call today!