8 Must-Have Cleaning Products & Tools

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - December 2, 2022

8-Must-Have-Cleaning-Products-ToolsHousework consists of numerous chores. You need to scrub floors, dust tabletops, and get rid of grease on your furniture. Any detail-oriented residential home cleaning company in Napa, CA, uses various supplies to perform the work correctly, but what exactly are those supplies?

This article will reveal the answer. Keep reading, and you’ll find out the top 8 cleaning products and tools you absolutely need to have in your house.

What cleaning products are needed?

Unlike back in the day, you can now use many solutions, not just soap, to deal with millions of germs on your kitchen sponge, tackle the dirty areas around your home, and ensure great indoor air quality. Here are the 8 most common and useful ones:

Paper towels/regular towels

You always need a few paper towels on hand. Most stores sell them in packs, and you can use them to wipe down practically any surface. Another great idea is to stock up on regular towels you’ll only use for cleaning. They can be bleached and disinfected relatively easily, allowing you to reuse them.

Microfiber cloths

Like paper and standard towels, microfiber cloths can take your cleaning arsenal to the next level. They can clean most surfaces on their own, or they may require just a few drops of water. Best of all, these items rarely leave streaks or scratches, making them an excellent tool for your windows.


This little tool is a must-have for keeping your shower free from mildew and mold. They’re also perfect for windows. To make the most of a squeegee, make sure it has high-quality rubber to shield the blade. Replace it when you start noticing streaks or the blade starts performing poorly.

Bucket and mop

A large bucket can work wonders for cleaning your abode. Combined with a mop, you can use it to perform various household tasks. You can find both items at hardware stores or purchase them online if you need advanced models.

All-purpose cleaner

An effective all-purpose cleaner is an essential cleaning product. You can use it to tackle dirt, grease, and stains without much effort. In most cases, you need only apply a small amount and wipe down the surface with a microfiber cloth.

Antibacterial wipes or spray

An antibacterial cleaning product can sanitize and disinfect your dwelling, reducing the number of germs and lowering the risk of catching a disease. You can combine them with your all-purpose cleaner, especially if you’re addressing the bathroom, kitchen, or other germ-heavy rooms.

Spray bottle

Keep a spray bottle on hand whenever you want to rinse something or want to make a DIY cleaner. If possible, use a glass bottle because the material is more resilient than plastic.

Dustpan and broom

If you have hard surfaces in your home, such as linoleum, cork, tile, and wood, you’ll need several tools to clean them. Manufacturers recommend checking out their instructions when tackling various types of flooring, so there are quite a few techniques you’ll need to apply.

But most surfaces have one thing in common – you can do most of the work with a dustpan and broom.

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