How to Keep Your House Clean When Working a Full-time Job

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - June 30, 2022

How can I keep my house clean if I work full timIt can be hard to focus on anything else when working a stressful full-time job. However, you still need to take care of your kids, cook, and take care of many other things. But that’s not all – you also have to keep your house clean despite working full time.

By no means is this a simple task, but your reliable housekeeping services in Napa are about to make it easier. We’ll give you a few tips to cope with your domestic workload more efficiently – keep reading!

How can I keep my house clean if I work full time?

Anyone would struggle to maintain the cleanliness of their home. This is especially true for busy moms, that usually lack an efficient home cleaning schedule or struggle to assign chores to their kids to reduce their efforts. Here’s what else you can do to make housework easier when working full time:

Assign yourself weekly tasks

As you’re busy, your maintenance schedule should look a little different than usual. Assign a chore for each day. For instance, you could vacuum floors on Monday, wash floors on Tuesday, and clean the bathroom on Wednesdays.

Do the same for the rest of the week. You’ll be more likely to complete the jobs because there’s only one per day.

Develop good upkeep habits

The key to keeping your home clean is to develop habits. They don’t have to be time-consuming. Even the smallest changes to your routine can make a world of difference:

  • Do laundry before going to work and hang your clothes when you return home.
  • Keep yourself entertained. Fold laundry while watching your favorite show to make it less tedious.
  • Keep biodegradable wet wipes in the bathroom. Wipe down small surfaces whenever necessary.
  • Wash dishes ASAP. Alternatively, put them in your dishwasher.
  • Tidy your house before going to sleep. Perform a 10-minute clean-up sprint that can include wiping the counters, putting away books, and hanging towels.
  • Follow the 2-minute rule. If a job takes two minutes or less, do it immediately. These usually include putting away dirty clothes and washing a plate.
  • Clean on the fly. This is the simplest way to turn everyday maintenance into a habit. Rather than leave your clothes on your floor, pick them up. Instead of ignoring stains on the counters, remove them at once.

Make hygiene supplies readily available

You must have postponed regular upkeep numerous times because the necessary supplies were too far away. To avoid this, store basic products in the bathroom and kitchen or on each floor. You’ll be able to clean more frequently since you can easily access the tools.

Why is it so hard to keep my house clean?

Keeping a house clean isn’t easy. It gets even harder when working a full-time job, as your work takes up most of your day.

Additionally, there might be too much stuff in your house, making it more cluttered than usual. You also don’t know where to begin because there are so many things that need to be done.

However, there’s a solution to all your problems. Throwing away unnecessary stuff eliminates the clutter. Following the above tips is a great way to be prepared for a thorough clean-up. Approach any other issue with the same attitude. Look for a potential solution, and stay positive. 

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