How to Tell Your Children to Clean up After Themselves

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - June 30, 2022

How do I tell my kids to clean upKeeping your home clean is challenging. Your schedule is busy, and you’d much rather do something else. You may also think you need to take care of the work on your own. However, you’re not alone – your kids can pick up the slack.

But your little ones are probably reluctant to pick up the broom. You’ll need to persuade them to help you clean the place, and established and diligent house cleaners in Napa will gladly show you how. Read on!

How do I tell my kids to clean up?

When doing housework, your children shouldn’t get in the way. On the contrary, they can speed up the work by pitching in. This is especially helpful when you can only spend a few hours a day doing chores or when you’re working full time.

Here are a few tips to make your young ones more willing to clean: 

Teach them to contain the mess

A large part of maintenance is containing the mess. Your children can help you do this without even realizing this by following rules. 

For example, one of the most effective rules is to take one out and put one away. The concept is simple – if your kid wants to play with a different toy, they first need to put away the original one. They’ll get used to it eventually. 

Be specific 

If you’re like most parents, you probably don’t know how to communicate upkeep orders to your kids. A simple “Hey, clean up!” won’t do the trick. They have no idea where to start or what to do. As a result, they’re confused and less likely to contribute. 

The solution is to get specific: 

  • Teach your kids everything has its place.  
  • Label your bins with images that illustrate what the bin is for. 
  • Warn your children about a pending clean-up and that they should pitch in. 
  • Provide specific timeframes and make sure they stick to them. 
  • Speak clearly without phrasing your requests as questions. 
  • Explain what happens if your kids don’t clean (no more video games, no going out, etc.)

Set up competitions 

Your children are competitive by nature, which can be a huge boon when doing housework. Turn simple chores into a competition, and the winner gets a particular prize. For example, you could buy them another toy or their favorite meal. 

What chores should a 15-year-old have? 

If you have a 15-year-old, you can tell them to do some of your most tedious maintenance tasks. But other than that, you can assign other household chores so that you can devote your time and energy to other commitments. Here’s what they can do: 

  • Do the laundry
  • Fold and put away clothes 
  • Sweep, dust, and vacuum 
  • Set and clear the table
  • Wash and put away dishes 
  • Mop floors 
  • Prepare lunch for school 
  • Do yardwork
  • Wash your car

What chores should a 10-year-old have? 

The situation is a bit different with 10-year-olds. They’re not as mature as older kids, so you’ll need to be more careful with their daily chores

  • Load the dishwasher 
  • Wipe dishes 
  • Put away your groceries 
  • Help you make dinner 
  • Remove cobwebs 
  • Vacuum their room 

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