Make Your Bathroom Sparkle with These Great Tips

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - September 6, 2019

Cleaning the bathroom isn’t a chore most people look forward to. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to keep your bathroom sparkling clean if you want to protect yourself and your family from dangerous germs and bacteria. 

If your family won’t help you around the house, staying on top of chores and keeping the home clean and tidy can be a nightmare. Luckily, the leading house cleaners in Angwin would be more than happy to take the cleaning worries off your mind!  

Read on to discover amazing tips for making your bathroom shine! 

How often should you clean your bathroom?

What is the optimal frequency for keeping the bathroom hygienic? Should you clean your bathroom every single day? While there’s no clear-cut answer to these questions, the following tips should help you: 

  • Clean your toilet every day if you have kids. Having children changes things when it comes to maintaining hygiene in your home. Unless you live alone, you should carefully disinfect the toilet every day to stop the dangerous germs from spreading. 
  • Disinfect the sink regularly. Your sink needs daily attention if you want to ensure your family lives in a healthy, germ-free environment. Give it a good scrub with a non-toxic cleaning agent to keep the bacteria at bay. 
  • Clean the tub or shower once a week. Keeping your tub clean will require slightly less effort and time. You could probably get away with disinfecting it once a week.  
  • Clean or replace the shower curtain once a month. Cleaning the shower curtain is even easier. Washing it once a month should be enough and if it gets too dirty or moldy, you can simply purchase a new one. 

What are the steps to clean a bathroom?

The best way to keep a clean bathroom is to have a good cleaning routine in place. Make your bathroom sparkle quickly and efficiently by following these steps: 

  1. Clear out the bathroom: before you get down to the actual cleaning, move all items from the shelves, counters, and floors to make cleaning easier. 
  2. Dust all surfaces: remove all dust and cobwebs from the shelves, light fixtures, and corners. Once you’re done, vacuum or sweep the floor to pick up the dust.   
  3. Let the shower soak: apply an effective cleaner inside your shower or bathtub and let it soak. Don’t forget the shower doors and track. 
  4. Clean other areas while you wait: while the shower is soaking, use an all-purpose cleaner and a clean sponge or cloth to clean the sink, towel racks, shelves, etc. 
  5. Go back to the shower: next, finish cleaning the shower by scrubbing away the dirt which the cleaner loosened up while you clean the rest of the room. 
  6. Disinfect the toilet: unless your toilet is really dirty, a quick wash with an all-purpose cleaner should do the trick. Don’t forget to disinfect the outside of the toilet too. 
  7. Clean the floor: finish cleaning your bathroom by sweeping and mopping the floor.  
  8. Put all items back where they belong: once you’re done disinfecting all surfaces, it’s time to put all the items you removed to their proper place. 

Rely on the foremost house cleaners in Angwin 

No matter how efficient you are when cleaning your bathroom, you won’t always have the time needed to give it the attention it deserves to stay bacteria-free. With all the other chores you have on your plate, staying on top of everything is sometimes near impossible. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything by yourself! Instead, let Valencia Pro match you with peerless cleaning experts who’ll tackle all of your chores with unmatched precision and expertise. What’s more, they’ll deep clean your home as efficiently as possible, giving you time to enjoy nature at Bale Grist Mill with your family. Get in touch with us today!