5 Tips to Clean Your House Like a Pro

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - May 31, 2021

Nothing beats a house cleaning done by an expert. There’s a reason why professional cleaners are in such high demand. They make the home sparkle in a way you didn’t think was possible. However, perhaps booking a house cleaner isn’t for you. It may be expensive for your budget, you may have a larger home, or simply want to do the job yourself.

With kids, pets, and a hectic schedule, your place may need cleaning on a regular basis. Not to fret, your cleaning habits can take a turn for the better with some easy-to-follow tips and tricks of professional cleaners in Napa, CA.

Tips-to-Clean-Your-House-Like-a-ProHow can I clean my house like a professional?

Much like any other work, cleaning requires a certain amount of skill and repetition. With some tips from the pros, you can have your home looking like an expert cleaned it. So next time you decide a house cleaning is in order, be sure to follow these suggestions for a pristine look of your home.

1. Declutter before cleaning

Cleaning like a pro starts with clearing the mess around the house. You will not be able to do an efficient cleaning job with toys or shoes lying around. Pick things off the floor, put the laundry away, and allow yourself to move effortlessly from room to room as you clean.

2. Get your supplies in order

All house cleaners have the right cleaning supplies at their disposal. Pros keep their products in a shower caddy, but you can improvise with a bucket or something similar to have them all within reach and together. Stick to eco-friendly, green products that are good for the environment and the health of you and your loved ones.

To achieve maximum results, picking the right cleaning tools is key to success. Whether it’s a long duster to reach the ceiling, a special wood cleaner for your antique furniture, or a good microfiber cloth, invest in quality cleaning tools for your home.

3. Use a paper towel for your windows

Window cleaning is typically one of the most challenging tasks, but it doesn’t have to be. Spray the window with a window cleaner, wipe the dirt off with a paper towel or even a newspaper. The paper material works wonders on glass, removing stains and watermarks effortlessly.

4. Make your kitchen shine

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, but also the place that germs and bacteria love the most. Remove oil spills, grease, and dirt from your kitchen countertops with an all-purpose cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. Don’t forget about the kitchen sink, and spray down the surface for a thorough scrub-down.

5. Tackle the bathroom mold

The mold that forms on the walls is a regular occurrence. To get rid of it, apply some distilled vinegar, leave for 30 minutes and then scrub away with a brush. For dirt and other debris, an all-purpose or an acid-based cleaner will do the job.

How-can-I-clean-my-house-like-a-professionalWhere can I book the best house cleaners in Napa, CA?

Cleaning like a pro comes easy when you have the time. What can you do when you need the house cleaned quickly, or you’re planning a large gathering? Call on the Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency when you need an experienced cleaner to take care of your home.

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