The Best Order to Clean Your House

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - May 31, 2021

However you slice it, doing housekeeping chores is a tedious, repetitive, and some would say endless job. Juggling work and family life, most people struggle to find some free time for themselves, let alone for house cleaning.

Luckily, there is a way you can maximize your time and do the house cleaning chores effectively and more efficiently. Whether you clean your home regularly or need some assistance where to start, setting up a routine and order in which you clean is essential to doing things the right way. Follow in the footsteps of professional cleaners in Napa for a healthier and improved home life.

The Best Order to Clean Your HouseIn what order do I clean my house?

Are you one of those people that cleans without a plan and in an unorganized manner? Do not worry, you’re certainly not the only one. Making a list of priorities and the order in which you clean will help you manage your tasks. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to a spotless home in no time.

1. Create a system that works

All homes are different. Set up a system based on the layout of the house. The point is to move from room to room seamlessly, which will allow you to get into the groove of cleaning more easily. Once you set up a system, the tasks will become routine.

2. Get the junk out of the way

Before you can vacuum the carpets or clean the kitchen counters, tidy up by picking up the kids’ toys off the floor, putting the cereal back in the cabinet, and the shoes back in the closet. Make it easy on yourself as you switch rooms when cleaning.

3. Start at the top, finish at the bottom

Start with the ceiling of the room, then make your way down. Dust the fan, and remove the cobwebs. When you clean from the top, some of the dust will inevitably fall onto the tables, floor, lamps, and appliances. Doing it the other way round will have you re-cleaning the newly dusted surfaces.

Once you’ve finished cleaning the top of the room, you can focus on the bottom level. Instead of randomly picking objects to clean, move from one side of the room to the other to make sure you’ve covered the entire space.

4. Clean the wet areas first

The rooms that contain sanitary appliances should be the first on your list to clean. Your kitchen and bathroom will take up more, or in some cases, most of your time to clean as these rooms require scrubbing and can take up a lot of your energy.

5. Leave the floors for last

As you start getting tired, the tasks should get more manageable. The floor cleaning is the easiest part and is precisely why you should leave it for last. To make sure you’ve gotten the bigger pieces of dirt out of the way, vacuum first, then mop the floors to prevent dirt from sticking to the mop.

In-what-order-do-I-clean-my-houseWhere to find the best professional cleaners in Napa & in the area?

Your goal may be to clean like a seasoned veteran. Still, not even someone as dedicated has the time to handle those everyday cleaning tasks.

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