Great Tips to Make Your Kitchen Shine

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - August 13, 2019

Your kitchen is possibly the area you want to pay the most attention to when cleaning. With all the food preparation, splattering and spilling, your kitchen countertops are the perfect place for germs to spread. That’s why you need to know how to clean your kitchen effectively and keep it healthy and fresh.  

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Read on to discover the best way to clean your kitchen! 

What is the fastest way to clean a kitchen?

You don’t always have the time needed to clean your kitchen properly. When life gets in the way, you need a quick and easy method to make your kitchen fresh and clean. Here’s what you should do: 

  • Prepare your cleaning supplies before you start
  • Soak your dishes in the sink while you do other chores
  • Clear out the clutter from your tables and countertops
  • Pick up all trash and throw it away 
  • Wipe down all surfaces with your trusted eco-friendly cleaner
  • Vacuum and mop the floors and you’re done! 

These tips are also great for your everyday cleaning routine. If you make an effort to do some of these tasks on a daily basis, your kitchen will always look its best! 

What are the steps to cleaning a kitchen?

In case you have the time necessary to give your kitchen a proper clean, you can use the following tips: 

  • Sort through the items in your kitchen and throw out anything you don’t use. This way, you’ll find it much easier to clean the surfaces when you get down to it. 
  • Disinfect the worktops with dish soap and warm water. Rinse the surfaces with clean water and use a clean cloth to dry them.  
  • Mix one cup of bleach with one gallon of clean water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and mist it on the countertops to remove harmful germs. Make sure to rinse! 
  • Move all dishes from the sink to the dishwasher and make the sink shine with an effective cleaning agent. You can also use vinegar to get rid of limescale. 
  • Take out the food from your fridge and throw out anything that’s expired. Clean all surfaces and disinfect the containers.  

How do I disinfect my kitchen?

Your kitchen countertops are possibly the most germ-infested area in your home. If you want to make sure your kitchen is microbe-free and protect the health of your family, you need to know how to disinfect it properly. Here are some tips: 

  • Clean all spills immediately to stop bacteria from spreading
  • Disinfect sponges & rags thoroughly after each use 
  • Kill germs with disinfecting agents (or a mild bleach solution)
  • Keep all surfaces dry to prevent microbe growth 

Another great method for disinfecting kitchen surfaces is to fill a spray bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide (make sure the bottle is dark since light destroys the peroxide) and pour white vinegar into another spray bottle. After you’ve washed the countertops with water and soap, mist some vinegar on them and spray the peroxide immediately after for the best effect. 

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You can’t have a healthy home without a perfectly clean kitchen. That’s why it’s necessary to put substantial time and effort into making sure that your food preparation area is as clean as can be. Still, not everybody has the time to maintain a clean and healthy home every single day. 

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