How to Stay Safe While Cleaning Your Home 

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - March 9, 2023

How-to-Stay-Safe-While-Cleaning-Your-HomeWhenever you schedule high-quality Napa, CA, housekeeping services, you admire their speed and attention to detail. They seem to clean even the most stubborn stains with ease, and it only takes them a few minutes to scrub heavy grime.

However, these professionals also place special emphasis on safety. You should do the same when scouring your home between appointments. We’ll tell you why safety should be your #1 priority when cleaning your place. Read on!

Why is safety important in cleaning?

Cleaning recklessly doesn’t just involve ignoring certain parts of your home, such as the area under your couch or behind bookcases. It also includes ignoring your safety, which is a major mistake.

You should consider safety when cleaning your house because it prevents safety and health risks. It also helps remove microorganisms and stops them from spreading throughout your home, ensuring a wholesome home.

How can you protect yourself when dealing with strong cleaning agents?

Some cleaning products are more harmful than others. You need to take special protective measures to stay safe when scouring your home with these substances:

Wear robust equipment

Bleach and many other cleaning products can irritate your lungs, eyes, and skin. Therefore, take precautions to shield these sensitive areas:

  • Wear long household gloves to protect your skin.
  • Open windows to avoid inhaling noxious fumes.
  • Put on wraparound glasses for extra protection.

Dilute your cleaners properly

Potent agents are effective even when diluted. In fact, they retain most of their efficiency in this form while exposing you to less harmful substances.

Depending on your product, dilute your products with water before applying them on various surfaces. Just avoid hot water, as it can release chlorine gas when combined with certain solutions.

Store your supplies correctly

Another thing you should do is store your supplies according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Whether you have an effective or the most useless cleaning product, this is an essential step. It helps ensure the agent remains usable and doesn’t hurt your skin or eyes during the application.

Don’t combine your cleaners

The best and safest way to clean with powerful agents is to use them separately. In other words, you shouldn’t mix them with other substances except for water. For example, ammonia and bleach is one of the most dangerous combinations. It can cause chest pain, pneumonia, and shortness of breath if inhaled.

The same goes for vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and bleach. The solution can lead to noxious fumes, so stick to plain water only.

Consult labels

Always read the labels of your agents before cleaning. If they contain words like “Warning” or “Danger,” consider using a different product.

Furthermore, you should only buy your agents from transparent manufacturers. The company should fully disclose the ingredients of their solutions. If you can’t find the ingredients, contact the producer or look for another agent.

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Safety is less of an issue when you outsource your housework to professional cleaners. They bring their supplies to your address, all of which have been stored and maintained correctly. As a result, you can sit back or go fishing at Napa River while specialists do the dirty work.

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