How to Properly Store Cleaning Products

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - March 9, 2023

How-to-Properly-Store-Cleaning-ProductsSafe cleaning isn’t just about wearing protective equipment, such as glasses and gloves. You also need to store your supplies correctly. Improper storing practices can lead to several problems, including the release of toxic fumes and skin irritation.

Your trusted Napa, CA, house cleaners are here to help prevent this. Let’s go through a few tips on keeping your cleaning supplies safely. Read on!

How do you store household products at home?

Whether you’re using bleach and other powerful agents or cleaning with ineffective, low-quality products and tools, you need to store them safely. Here’s what you can do:

Use labels

The key to storing your products safely is to use labels. Some of the labels you can add to your containers include:

  • Caution – use this chemical carefully, but the product is relatively safe.
  • Warning – the product can be moderately toxic.
  • Danger – this chemical is toxic and can cause skin or eye damage.

Store products in dry, clean areas

Most cleaning agents should be kept in cool, dry places away from sunlight. The reason is simple – these products contain mixed substances that can trigger dangerous reactions if exposed to certain conditions. Placing them in dry, dark, tidy areas that aren’t too warm is recommended.

Ensure adequate ventilation

Ventilation is critical for safe storage of chemicals. It can help remove fumes and concentration of agents in the air. Therefore, put your cleaning products near doors and windows if possible.

Keep substances in original, clear containers

Don’t take out your cleaning supplies from their original containers. Transferring them into a new bottle is risky, as the chemicals can react with the bottle and release noxious fumes. If you’ve already poured your substance into another container, make sure the bottle is transparent. This way, you and your family members will be less likely to mistake the product for something they can safely drink.

Group your supplies in a robust container

Once you find a spot for your cleaners (e.g., a laundry room cabinet, basement shelf, or utility closet), put them in a sturdy container. It helps you organize the supplies and reduces the risks of leaks or spills onto various surfaces.

One of your best options is to use heavy-duty acrylic bins. They let you line up your supplies by category, allowing you to easily see the one you need for your cleaning.

Avoid buckets made of metal, natural materials, or fabric. In case of a leak, cleaning the materials and affected surfaces can be hired. If you store cleaners using wire shelving, place liners first to ensure your bins sit flat.

Mount mops and brooms

Mops and brooms can injure you if they fall from a shelf. You could also trip over them if you leave them lying on the floor. You can secure them with adhesive grippers. Well-made grippers can be used for hanging practically anything, including mops, and brooms.

An even better alternative might be S hooks. These inexpensive objects can loop tools with a hole and fasten them to your wire shelving.

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