Top 4 Most Useless Cleaning Supplies

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - April 4, 2023

Top-4-Most-Useless-Cleaning-SuppliesThere are many reasons you would want to hire top-rated Napa, CA, housekeepers for recurring services. They have all the knowledge to deliver a spotless home, no matter how dirty it is. Furthermore, you get peace of mind, knowing your professionals are licensed and insured.

Another great thing about working with qualified cleaners is that they don’t use useless household products and substances, but rather know which ones to use to get maximum value every time. In this article, we’ll show you how to do that as well by discussing 4 household products that are probably not worth your money. Read on!

What cleaning products to avoid?

Whether you want to return an extra-dusty home to its former condition or do some light cleaning, you can work much more efficiently without these 4 products:

Useless product #1 – Toothbrush sanitizer

Toothbrush sanitizers look great, but they’re rarely as effective as people think. There’s little evidence supporting their efficacy, which is why you shouldn’t waste your money on these items.

There are much better options for cleaning your toothbrushes. For instance, you can avoid sharing them and rinsing them thoroughly after each use. On top of that, keep your brushes uncovered and upright. Replace them every 2-3 months to stay on the safe side.

Useless product #2 – Oven cleaners not designed for your oven

Many manufacturers offer universal oven cleaners. They claim they work wonders for all types of these appliances, but that may not be the case. In addition to their low effectiveness, they can even damage the inside of your device. Avoid these items to extend the lifespan of your ovens.

There are several better alternatives, including water and baking soda. Combine these ingredients in a bowl and apply them with a brush or hand. Let the mixture rest overnight and wipe it off the next morning.

Useless product #3 – Screen cleaners

Screen cleaners with special formulas can be a good option for removing dirt from displays. However, they might not be suitable for all screens and are typically expensive.

A safer choice is dipping a microfiber cloth in rubbing alcohol for screens without anti-fingerprint oleophobic coatings. Consult the instruction manual of your device to determine the appropriate solution for displays with these coatings.

Useless product #4 – Products with ‘natural’ label

So-called natural cleaners are popular. People buy them because they think they’re just as effective as standard products without all the safety risks. Nonetheless, you might not get your money’s worth with these substances.

Even if you buy a plant-based option, chances are, it contains the same active ingredients as commercial counterparts. This means such products might not be healthier or safer than conventional mixtures.

There’s no reason to invest in these solutions since you can create your own products. It’s a cheaper method, and more importantly, you have total control over the ingredients inside. Here are a few mixtures you can add to your arsenal:

  • Vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water for windows and mirrors
  • Water, vodka, vinegar, and essential oils for disinfection

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