The Ultimate Dusting & Vacuuming Guide

written by Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency - December 4, 2019

No matter how much you hate chores, maintaining a clean house is a must if you want to stay healthy and happy. Luckily, with this dusting and vacuuming guide, house cleaning will become much less tedious.

If you’ve found that there’s too much dust in your house, you’re probably wondering if you don’t clean your house frequently enough. While that may be true, we know how hard it can be to find the time to clean. But why do it yourself? Reach out to the finest house cleaning service in Calistoga and enjoy a dust-free home with perfectly shiny floors.

Read on to learn everything about dusting and vacuuming!

How often should you dust and vacuum?

As a general rule, you should dust and vacuum your house at least once a week for the best results. Twice a week is the best option if you want to have a truly spotless house without harmful microbes. If you don’t have enough time to do a comprehensive clean, a quick dusting and vacuuming will do the trick, just make sure to clean top to bottom.

A robotic vacuum is also a good idea if you can afford it. This way, your robotic vacuum can pick up dirt and dust while you’re away and give you time to unwind at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park. Of course, you should vacuum more often if you:

  • Live downtown or near a construction site.
  • Have a large family and don’t get help from family members.
  • Live with a pet that sheds a lot.
  • Have carpets and rugs in the house.

Does vacuuming kick up dust?

Some vacuums will definitely kick up dust instead of sucking it in. This is because not all vacuums have effective filters that pick up tiny dust particles and keep allergens and bacteria in check. If you feel like your vacuum cleaner doesn’t do a good enough job, you should consider purchasing a HEPA vacuum cleaner or one that uses ultraviolet light to eliminate dust-mites and microbes. Investing in a high-quality cleaner is the only surefire way to keep dust at bay in your home.

Should you dust before or after you vacuum?

When cleaning your home, you should always start from the highest surfaces. Dusting shelves and light fixtures first will cause dust particles to fall down on the lower surfaces and the floor. If you do vacuuming last, you’ll be able to pick up any dust that ended on the floor. Another great tip is to remove dust with a damp cloth, instead of only dry dusting the surfaces. This way, you’ll pick up more dust and prevent dust from piling up.

Hire superb house cleaning service Calistoga is proud of

Even though dusting and vacuuming are basic chores that tend to take less time than other more demanding house cleaning tasks, they can still be exhausting if you do everything yourself. That’s why hiring a professional cleaning service is a great way to have an immaculate home and more time for the things you truly enjoy.

With Valencia Pro Cleaning Agency at your service, you can have just that. The experienced cleaners we can match you with use high-quality supplies and rely on tried-and-true methods to make your home shine. With their help, your home will look better than ever and your cleaning-related stress will be completely gone. Give us a call today!